Maybe you’re presenting code on a big screen, and are really frustrated by Github’s excessive whitespace columns on both side of the code content. Did you know Github has a secret full width layout that works remarkably well?

Actually, you’ve probably seen it before. It’s the layout you see when you compare files while assessing a Pull Request. The original file is displayed alongside the edited file, with line changes colour-coded red and green. It works really well. But what if you want that full width efficiency, 100% packed with code beauty?

Turns out, with the February 2017 Github layout, it’s as simple as adding the class full-width to the body on and

Before, wasteful whitespace everywhere, especially when reading code

If you enjoy a 100x more efficient layout, there’s a few ways you can implement this.

  1. You can add a custom Greasemonkey style
  2. You can install my super lightweight Chrome Extension

It consist mainly of wrappers around one line of code. Seriously, that’s how easy it is to get a (useful) Chrome extension up. If this has been helpful to you, let me know @tongrhj.

Download Full Width Github Chrome Extension (free):