You can launch a campaign and hope for the best. Or, as I discovered during my research on crowdfunding marketing, you can resort to these services to hack around Kickstarter.  Instead of building an actual following around your product/service, the pressure of an urgent 31 day crowdfunding campaign has driven a lot of desperate crowdfunders to shortcut the process through dubious promotion tools. This is by no means a recommendation for any of these services (because Novelsys didn’t actually resort to these methods when we successfully funded Ampere on Kickstarter), but you should know that these tricks exist, and there are probably campaign creators out there using them.

1. Funded Today-


Think of Funded Today as a underground kickback program for Kickstarter. Backers in-the-know are actually getting cashback from supporting Funded Today projects, which in turn allows you to hook in backers who are unwittingly paying full price.

2. Analytics for Kickstarter-,


Kickstarter doesn’t provide you with much information about your backers, and even after your project is funded, it discourages you from using the survey to send marketing and demographic questions, restricting you only to asking for information necessary to facilitate reward fulfilment.

That’s where Kicklytics comes in.

By sacrificing virgin goats to Cthulhu every 13th full moon, Kicklytics divines every detail about your Kickstarter project that you might crave, such as its daily category ranking over time, your backer demographics, and even identifying your most prolific/ active backers for you so you can target/ retarget them for your next project. I’m not sure Kickstarter or your backers would appreciate you snooping on them, but again, just look at their alleged customer list (the Coolest Cooler, NudeAudio, Glow Earphones, etc.) and decide for yourself if you want to make a pact with the Blood Mages of Kicklytics.*

Like Kicklytics, Krowdster is another crowdfunding analytics platform.

*Disclaimer: I have no actual evidence that they use blood in their unholy rituals.

3. Paid Kickstarter Search Ranking Boosters

There’s evidence that Backers Per Day is the most important metric when it comes to determining your position on Kickstarter’s search/ popular rankings. Your position on those rankings WILL result in a lot of extra backers, or eternal ignominy.

So, what to do if you’re not really that popular? There are some projects out there that have PAID it to FAKE it. We discovered that there were dubious services out there offering it only after creating our campaign, because we were inundated with such offers via Kickstarter messages.


All this algorithm hacking may be a little too opaque for the first-time cheaters, so some actually resort to buying backers via Fiverr.

Is selling out worth it? Take this Kickstarter creator’s personal experience and advice- forget it.

4. Paid Press- Gadget Flow


Some have alleged that your search ranking outside of Kickstarter (e.g. the strength of your press mentions) also influences your all-important Kickstarter ranking. Thus, there are those who have resorted to paying for press.

Once you launch your campaign, they will all message you to offer you paid placement, so don’t worry that I don’t have the full list here… they know who you are. They know what you want. They have a very particular set of skills. They will look for you. They will find you.

Rather than resort to these questionable methods, why not drive traffic to your Kickstarter the only ethical and sustainable way- through building a company based around making your customers happier? Read my previous post on how to drive genuine traffic to your Kickstarter.